We at Golden State Trailers are passionate about our work and about our clients. We spent months researching the “Food Truck”, “Catering” and “Concession” Industries, consolidating only what is best in the industry and applying it in our trailers. Our trailers are beautiful on the outside, exquisite on the inside and durable for many years to come.


It starts with you! When you call us, you can expect nothing less but an outstanding customer service. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through our product line and help you pick what is right for you.

We take great pride in our work. Every trailer is designed and built using high quality material that meets and exceeds industry highest standards. We work closely with state inspectors and health inspectors to make sure that our trailers not only meet but exceed all regulations and expectations.


Effective use of space is crucial, especially inside of the Food Truck or Food Trailer where real estate is limited. We work closely with chefs and customers from all over the world to design a good work flow inside of our trailers.


As the industry grows and evolves and technology changes, we take what is best and practical in the market and apply it in our trailers. A good example is the Amerex ZD (Zone Defense) fire suppression system. The overlapping patters allows for less nozzles, and greater protection. Amerex uses low PH chemical that is non corrosive to stainless steel. This system has ANSI/UL300, ULC/ORD 125.6-1995, LPCB, CE marked, MEA and SOLAS listings. Amerex ZD system. The auto-changeover regulator will keep you going without interruption. Our 3D modeling allows our customers to see exactly what they are buying.